High Performance Project Grant

Status: Closed

Deadline: July 30, 2022

Swimmers in a pool competing against each other in a race

The High Performance Project Grant is a part of the overall Enhanced Excellence funding initiative. viaSport, in collaboration with CSI Pacific, provides ongoing stewardship of high-performance sport in BC through evidence-based tracking and reporting of meaningful data. Enhanced Excellence initiatives must align to each sport’s targeted athlete nomination lists, NSO Podium Pathway and appropriate Gold Medal Profile for the LTAD stage of the athlete.

In order to broaden the impact of high-performance funds, and ensure maximum impact for provincially targeted athletes and coaches, a portion of Enhanced Excellence funding has been allocated to fund this High Performance Project Grant. The grant is intended to target the PSOs and DSOs who have not been selected for Enhanced Excellence funding, but have specific high-performance project needs. The guidelines for this grant remain flexible year over year in order to meet sector needs, address government priorities and enable PSO’s and DSOs to enhance specific high-performance projects relevant to their sport.