2022 Community Coach of the Year, Catou Tyler

Jun 11, 2023

Starting her coaching career at only 14 years old, Catou Tyler has always known that she wanted to work with kids. To her, there is something fulfilling about helping kids learn new skills and overcome challenges, and she has felt that way since she was a kid herself.

When she grew up, she wavered between becoming a school teacher or a coach. However, she quickly realized that coaching was the better fit, as she preferred working with kids in a non-classroom setting. “I didn’t want to be in school any longer,” Catou confesses. “But I love being active and wanted to share this with kids.”

As a result, Catou passes her love for sport to each unique individual she coaches. “I have always said that coaching is a continual challenge with new ways to teach skills. Each athlete has their own individual way of learning,” Catou says. She makes it her goal to figure out a way that can work for each of her athletes in order for them all to succeed.

Every single time a doubtful young athlete is able to successfully perform a difficult skill, Catou emphasizes that she sees the “biggest smile on their faces”. As their coach, Catou shares their happiness with them. She feels an immeasurable amount of pride to see them achieve what they once thought they couldn’t.

However, Catou’s pride for her athletes has never been just a momentary feeling.

Gymnastics is a foundation sport in both Whistler and Pemberton. Because of this, Catou finds great satisfaction in building the foundations of gymnastics within the hearts of the young athletes. It is through this groundwork that they find their own paths.

That is what she loves most: helping each of her young athletes grow into their own person and assisting their lifelong development through the years.

For Catou, receiving the viaSport Coach of the Year award was incredibly meaningful.

“I was surprised and honoured,” Catou admits. “After over 30 years of coaching, it is special to be acknowledged.”

Congratulations once again to Catou Tyler on winning the 2022 Community Coach of the Year award!