2024 Community Coach Development Awardee, Caroline Bagnall

Jun 11, 2024

Fostering inclusive, safe, and comprehensive developmental experiences for youth in her small-town sports community – Caroline Bagnall is a dedicated coach enriching the lives of young athletes through her passion for coaching.

Coaching youth soccer for over 10 years, Caroline’s journey began in her teenage years when she volunteered to coach various sports, including soccer and basketball. In 2014 her then 5-year-old son began playing soccer with the Whistler Soccer Club (WYSC). During this time, Caroline stepped up to the role of volunteer parent coach for the 2009 Boys team.

Reminiscing on this time, “WYSC offered wonderful support and coach training” Caroline shares. Seven years following, when her son advanced to play in the BC Soccer Premier League, Caroline transitioned into coaching the 2010-2013 Girls teams.

“The most rewarding part of coaching is sharing my love of soccer with the young people in my community,” says Caroline. “It’s rewarding to be a part of their journey towards becoming great humans.”

Additionally, coaching has provided invaluable time spent with her children, adding a personal touch to her endeavours as a coach, which she cherishes as an added bonus.

Caroline reflects on the qualities that collectively contributed to her ability to lead, inspire her players, and encourage both personal and athletic development.  She shares that consistent communication and the ability to build relationships with players, their families, and the community are some of the qualities that are important in a good community coach.

Caroline takes pride in the high player retention rate in the age groups she coaches. Even when the league roster is full, she ensures no player is turned away by offering training player positions to those eager to learn and participate. This inclusive approach, combined with strong team values and accountability, has fostered a supportive and dedicated group of young athletes.

“Keeping girls in sport as they enter their pre-teen and early teen years can be challenging,” she says. “We have strong team values and hold the players accountable to their teammates and themselves.” Moreover, Caroline has built a strong network of parent coaches, further enhancing the support system for her teams.  

Caroline’s goals for the future are ambitious yet grounded in her dedication to continuous improvement. “An important team goal for the next couple of years is to set the course to move up from Division 3 to Division 1,” she adds. On a more personal level, Caroline is committed to being a lifelong learner, seeking out courses and certifications to further her coaching skills and knowledge. 

As she continues to inspire and lead, there is no question Caroline’s influence will resonate for years to come, shaping the lives of countless young athletes. Among them is her daughter, who plays on Caroline’s team and is also beginning her own coaching journey by working with kids aged 6-8.

Once again, congratulations to Caroline Bagnall on being awarded the 2024 viaSport Community Coach Development Award!