2024, Competition Coach, James Hustvedt

Jun 14, 2024

James’ journey in competitive coaching began in 2007, marking the start of a mission to ignite the potential within athletes. “Lighting a fire within an athlete to want to push themselves towards their potential” is not just a motto for James, but a guiding principle that has defined his career.

As the head coach of the BC Wheelchair Athletics program, James has dedicated over 2 decades to developing wheelchair racers of all levels, from recreational to Paralympic finalists. This past season, James led BC Wheelchair racers to several medals at the Canadian Track and Field Championships, including four golds.

Emphasizing honesty, consistency, and creating a fun yet performance-orientated environment has been key to fostering strong and trusting coach-athlete relationships. Employing his extensive knowledge and experience about movement and technique, James masterfully tailors his coaching to accommodate athletes with varying physical abilities and personalities. Centering his approach around the athlete rather than solely on performance, James successfully guides athletes from their first time racing in a chair to the highest levels of the sport with remarkable success.

However, James’ path has not been without its challenges. Reflecting on his early coaching days, he shares what has helped him in his coaching career along the way. “Be willing to work alongside other coaches,” he advises. “Be eager to learn from a mentor, seek out other coaches, observe, listen, ask questions, and immerse yourself in learning environments such as competitions, camps, and talks.”

Looking ahead, James has his eyes set on mentoring the next generation of coaches to keep wheelchair racing alive and growing. By sharing his immense knowledge and experience, he aims to inspire and equip the next generation, ensuring the sport’s legacy continues.

James’ journey is a powerful testament to the impact of a passionate coach, igniting the fire within countless athletes and fostering a vibrant sports community. In response to being this year’s Competition Coach recipient, he expresses heartfelt gratitude, “I am humbled by the recognition of my peers and athletes. I am honoured to have worked with great mentors, coworkers, and organizations that also foster athlete-focused growth and development.”

Congratulations once again to James on being the recipient of the 2024 viaSport Competition Coach Award!