3 tips to keep your kid in sport

Oct 04, 2017

Being the parent of a young athlete is no easy feat. It can involve practices that occur at unimaginable hours, uniforms with persistent stains, and lost voices from constant cheering. However, the toughest challenge of all can be instilling a love for sport and physical activity that extends beyond their teenage years.

Our Communications & Engagement Director, Michelle Tice, offers three tips that have personally helped to keep her two young boys active and happily involved in sport: 

1) Be open-minded

It might not be the sport you anticipated your child would choose. It might not even be one that you like. But if it’s a sport your child is passionate about, they’ll have more interest in participating and will likely stay with it for longer. Who knows – you might end up falling in love with their choice of sport as well. 

2) Don’t give up

If your child is struggling with a particular sport, talk to them to find out why. It could be as simple as switching teams. When they don’t enjoy the sport anymore, help them to find another one that they can try. Some kids find their passion quickly, while others may need to try many sports before connecting with one that brings them back for more. This is why enrolling your kids in as many sports as possible at a young age is important – it not only builds a variety of skills, but also allows them to find their passion.

3) Model an active lifestyle

Kids love participating in sport and physical activity with their parents. Wherever possible, take them for a bike ride or run. By showing them that you are active, your kids will start to see physical activity as a normal part of their daily routine. (After all, research has shown that youth sport participation rates double when parents are actively involved and encouraging, even just as spectators).

Being a sports parent isn’t easy. However, the invaluable benefits that young athletes derive from sport and physical activity makes it all worthwhile.