Age has no limits when it comes to sport and camaraderie

Aug 14, 2013

Over 3,700 seniors to compete in Kamloops 2013 BC Seniors Games this month

In less than one week, over 3,700 participants and 1,800 volunteers, along with friends, family and supporters, will gather in Kamloops, BC for the Kamloops 2013 BC Seniors Games. Kicking off on August 20, the five-day event offers exciting competition in 24 different sports and activities.

26th anniversary of the BC Seniors Games

Established in 1987, this year marks the 26th anniversary of the BC Seniors Games, an annual multi-sport event governed by the BC Seniors Games Society. The Games are played by participants ages 55+ with the goal of promoting active and healthy living for seniors through competitive play. The events are organized to create a place for seniors to gain physical, social and creative achievements in a friendly and welcoming environment. Similar to the BC Games, the BC Seniors games is organized into zones (map) that represent all regions of BC.  

Creating a community of inclusion for seniors athletes at all levels

In many ways, the BC Seniors Games are just like any other provincial competition. The participants go through playoffs or a type of qualifying round to represent their BC zone for a chance at the podium.  However, in many ways the Seniors Games also differ, providing a lens for sport that includes more than race times, titles and medals.

There is a wide range of athletes that qualify for the BC Seniors Games. Where some participants have a lengthy background in their sport having competed at national, international and Olympic levels, others are brand new athletes trying out a sport for the first time.

There is also a wide range of sports at the BC Seniors Games. Where some sports require high physical mobility like track and field, hockey and soccer, others only require a sharp mind, like bridge and cribbage. The BC Seniors Games is more than a sports competition; it is a community of inclusion for senior athletes at all mobility levels.

At these Games there is competitive play for all to be involved— age is only a number. They’re especially  unique in that many of the participants have already competed at high levels at some point in their lives.Bridge match at the 2012 Burnaby BC Seniors Games. Photo Credit: BC Seniors Games Society

“Some Games participants are actually past Olympians, but they no longer seek to play at that level of event,” says BC Seniors Games Society President  June Parsons. “The Seniors Games have a unique value to those participating because the nature of competition is no longer about breaking records, but more about competition and camaraderie.”

Opportunities to get active and stay healthy, all year round

For seniors looking to get involved in a new sport or just to get out and active in the community, the BC Games Society provides a list of zones and participating sports clubs in cities across BC as resources to get started. The clubs are not strictly competitive and also offer new and fun opportunities for seniors to keep healthy and meet people with similar interests.

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