Basketball BC announce BBC Baden Big Kahuna Coaching Recognition Award

Dec 22, 2014


Lawrie Johns, Executive Director of Basketball BC announced today a partnership with Baden and Big Kahuna in creating the BBC Baden Big Kahuna Coaching Recognition Award.  “This is another step,” said Johns, “in Basketball BC recognizing that coaches are key to basketball programs throughout the province whether they be youth coaches, club coaches, school coaches or high performance program coaches.  Coaching is crucial and the more we can do to enhance their professional development and to celebrate their importance is critical in recognizing that coaching is the foundation of sport

We will be accepting nominations from the basketball community and will be presenting an award every month to a deserving coach that recognizes her/his contributions to basketball that may span any time as chosen by the nominator – active coaches will be given first consideration.”

A committee representing coaches, parents, officials and basketball people from around the province will make the monthly selections.

Troy Brown from Baden said,  “In keeping with our long time partnership with Basketball BC, Baden Canada is proud to be involved with Basketball BC’s Coaching Recognition Awards.  We look forward to creating a custom, personalized, keepsake basketball to recognize the deserving coach that earns this award each month.”

Craig Preece from Big Kahuna noted “We are extremely proud of supporting our basketball coaches in B.C.  Team sports have proven to be instrumental in the positive development of our youth and these coaches are fantastic examples of how to be an influencer in our communities.”


For any further information please contact Lawrie Johns at 604 455-2812 or