BC Coaches Week Profile: Devin Rubadeau – Sailing

Sep 23, 2014


British Columbia Coaches Week is September 20-27.  An initiative of viaSport, this week focuses on the recruitment, development and celebration of sport coaches with events around the province.   In honour of BC Coaches Week, we wanted to introduce and profile some of our BC Games Coaches.

The BC Winter and BC Summer Games are an important part of BC’s athlete development pathway, but the Games also provide an important opportunity for coaching development including earning certification, attending coaching clinics, and learning from other coaches around the province.  Organizations like BC Sailing have made the BC Games an important part of their coaching development where young coaches can learn from experienced coaches like Devin Rubadeau, a NCCP Level 4 certified coach from Kelowna.

Question and Answers with Devin Rubadeau

How long have you been coaching? 
22 years

How many BC Games and/or Canada Games have you attended as a coach? 
13 BC Summer Games and 1 Canada Summer Games

Why did you choose to get into coaching? 
I was teaching disabled sailors during my summers off from University.  I was having a great time, but saw an opportunity to work with more sailors teaching skills that I learned when I was racing.  Working with young athletes proved very rewarding.

What is your favorite thing about coaching? 
Watching athletes realize that they had just passed a major learning hurdle is always rewarding.   

Do you have a particular coaching style? 
I’m more of a facilitator now, creating opportunities for athletes to experience learning on their terms.

What is your favorite memory from the BC Games and/or Canada Games? 
Every Games has provided at least one great memory.  At the 2014 BC Summer Games I brought triplets, none of whom had ever sailed on the ocean.  Everything from the salt water to the currents to the wildlife was new to them.  The whole experience was amazing – for them and myself!

What are you able to learn from other coaches at the BC Games? 
I’m always learning that there is more than one way to achieve the goal that you want.  If something isn’t working try something new.

How is coaching at a multisport Games different from a single sport event? 
Single sport events are usually very simple to plan.  Multisport events add new layers complexity.  The BC Games experience is great for athletes as it gives them an opportunity to experience what large multisport events such as the Commonwealth Games or Olympics can be like.  Coaches in multisport events wear different hats and take on more complex roles, with the end goal of ensuring that their athletes are mentally and emotionally prepared for the various challenges.

What has been your best success in coaching? 
It would be easy to name the athletes who earned medals at major events including World Championships, but my greatest success is knowing that many of my past athletes still participate in sailing on a regular basis.  I’ve worked hard to nurture a passion for sailing and a commitment to sport for life.

Do you have a coach mentor? 
My parents and wife are excellent coach mentors.  I enjoy learning from all three.

What are your next goals as a coach? 
To stay passionate about sailing and to encourage more athletes to pursue the type of sport experience that works best for them.


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