Enhance the Sport Space: A Guide to PlaySafe BC Resources for Sport

Jul 24, 2023

In today’s fast-paced sport landscape, it’s not only about achieving extraordinary feats or setting new records; it’s about creating an environment where everyone can thrive while feeling secure and protected. This notion goes beyond physical safety and extends to psychological well-being as well. Safety in sport encompasses all these aspects of safety and is a topic that is very top of mind. But how can you, as a sport leader, bring this to life with your team, members, or colleagues?

The PlaySafe BC program was created to build trust and confidence in sport through awareness and education of safe sport practices. PlaySafe BC tools empower you to show up confidently in the complex sport world.

After consultation and engagement with the amateur sport community, we learned that organizations wanted support with how to productively address difficult topics, clarity on what constitutes acceptable sport behaviour, and guidance on what to do about inappropriate situations. But more importantly, we heard about the positive impact sport can have and how vital it is to amplify this message.

Whether it’s de-escalating a heated exchange or giving effective feedback, the ability to navigate these situations come from skills we use in our typical day-to-day lives.

So, what is available to help create an inclusive and safe culture in sport? Resources through our PlaySafe BC program include topics such as:

In addition, the Flag Tool for Sport is a valuable online tool that can be used as a framework for discussions around what is acceptable behaviour.

Ultimately, sport is a place for individuals to feel safe and welcome. If you’ve found yourself feeling confused about what kind of behaviour should be reported or having difficulty explaining the BC Universal Code of Conduct, here is a great place to start. With these resources, we hope to give people in sport the tools they need to create an environment where all can benefit and excel knowing they are supported and free from harm.  Together, let’s champion safe, inclusive, and welcoming sport experiences for everyone.

To learn more about safety in sport, visit https://www.playsafebc.ca/

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