Get BACK in the Game

Aug 30, 2016

Do you suffer or know someone who suffers from back pain? If so, you know how debilitating it can be. 

Did you know approximately 10-15% of young athletes also suffer from long term back pain? As something not normally associated with youth, many of these young athletes never receive the treatment or rehabilitation they need to be pain free and stay active into adulthood. 

Youth aged 11 – 17 are in a critical period of their growth and development, both on and off the field, which is why the Fortius “BACK in the Game” program caters to this demographic. This new program offers an innovative solution for these young athletes to get back to activity in their daily life and in sport.

“Back in the Game” is an eight-week physiotherapy-based group program that focuses on developing motor control, spinal stability, mobility and strength during functional movement. Participants are also taught how to manage back pain, and build a strong core. Because of their crucial stage in development, Pilates is also used to complete whole body symmetry.

In the small group sessions, participants are also shown to be more motivated, have more fun, and to learn from and support each other. The goal at the end of the 8-weeks: to get “back in the game”.

The program is supported by the Fortius Foundation, raising funds in collaboration with Pro Motion Research Institute to deliver this program. Fall sessions start this September:

Program Dates: This eight-week program runs:

  • Sept 20 – Nov 10, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 5 – 6pm.
  • Oct 18 – Dec 8, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 4 – 5pm.

Register now and call us at 604.292.2502. 

For more info, please visit our Back in the Game program page.