Get physical with KidsMove

Jun 22, 2016

In the “golden age” of developing physical literacy (ages 9 – 12 yrs), a child’s cognitive capacity to understand the science behind how they move and feel meets the psychological readiness to be accountable, track progress and strive to optimize performance and well-being. This is a key age to develop correct movement patterns and skills, including ABC’s – agility, balance, coordination, and speed that will contribute to success in sport with a reduced chance of injury and a lifetime of enjoyment in active living.​ KidsMove kicks off on July 10th with sessions available all throughout July and August. And all sessions are FREE!

KidsMove features:

• A variety of different movement and learning challenges that apply to any sport or physical activity, with a changing environment from session to session to keep things fresh

• A multidisciplinary approach to health, strengthened by the unique KidsMove collaboration with the IAD Group, Pro Motion Research Institute, the Steve Nash Foundation and Fortius Sport & Health

• An experienced team of Fortius coaches to expertly guide participants

• Limited space! Register for one session, multiple sessions, or plan ahead to experience them all!

• Celebrity athlete appearances — you never know who will join in the fun!

• Parent and guardian activities — from Pilates, to working out with friends, to relaxing together in Game Changers Bistro over a Chef’s Table brunch or dinner.

For more information, please call 604.292.2502 or register directly at