Local sport clubs in B.C. can now apply for relief funding

Sep 18, 2020

Organizations in the B.C. sport community have felt the effects of COVID-19, including lost revenue for non-profit sport organizations, threatening their ability to offer community sport activities.

Our current estimate is that 79 per cent of the 4,100+ local sport organizations across B.C. are at risk of insolvency. Without support for local clubs, many communities will see reduced access to sport, which could take up to two years to rebuild. British Columbians have and will be profoundly affected, as sport and physical activity is an important part of our collective wellness.

To make sure everyone has opportunities to participate in and enjoy the benefits of sport, local sport organizations can now apply for relief funding offered by the Province of B.C. totaling $1.5 million. This funding is designed to provide short-term relief in order to help organizations to remain viable and support return to sport efforts across B.C.

The application window for the Local Sport Relief Fund is now open. Eligible organizations are encouraged to apply for this one-time grant until October 16, 2020.

For more information, including eligibility criteria, please visit the grant page here: https://www.viasport.ca/grant/local-sport-relief-fund