Physical Literacy Study in Cranbrook, BC Shows Promising Results in School-aged Children

Jul 22, 2015

The College of the Rockies studied 290 children across two elementary schools in Cranbrook, BC in the implementation of a structured 30-minute games-based program twice a week, which focused on developing essential fundamental movement skills in a fun and friendly way.

After 15-weeks, the results revealed that the students at the elementary schools in which the lunch-time program was implemented, saw greater improvement in their physical literacy scores for individual skills, as well as a significant increase in their overall physical literacy.

“This evidence-based research demonstrates that children can become more proficient with their fundamental movement skills if we support the teachers who deliver Physical Education and provide opportunities for children to practice these skills through games,” explains Eric Sinker, Coaching and Leadership Development Manager with viaSport.

Because of the encouraging results from the study, the plan for 2015-16 is to expand the research to more schools, and to assess other potential benefits of physical activity on the students’ health and behavior in the classroom.

Read the full research paper  to learn more about this study.