Sharpen your game with HockeySTRONG

May 19, 2016

With our country producing so many elite-level players, and with the science of hockey continuously evolving, we train and support the development of the next generation of great players! With HockeySTRONG, we like to use our expanding knowledge to train and educate players to the highest level possible. It is designed to develop an athletic base for young athletes as well as providing supplemental skills rather than practicing breakouts or playing games. Our team of Coaches will work with players to optimize mobility, muscle strength, fitness, and recovery, to ensure that the player that steps on the ice is in the best possible shape to contribute to his/her team’s success.

The program is led by Adam Nugent-Hopkins recognized as one of the top sports performance coaches for Ice Hockey in Canada.

HockeySTRONG will get your kids doing the right things at the right ages so they become complete players. Give your child the right start at the rink, in school, and in life.

Our 12-Week Program starts May 30th. Sign up now and call us at 604.292.2502!

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