Tsawwassen twins are beach volleyball stars with single-minded ambition

Aug 08, 2014

What’s a set of identical twins without a good story about mistaken identity? A prank? Trading places?

Nicole and Megan McNamara, the star beach volleyball siblings from Tsawwassen, probably have many a story to tell but they were asked for just one. Their favourite.

“Which one should I tell?” Nicole said, glancing over at Megan to make that psychic twin connection.

“The running down the street one?”

Given the nod of approval, Nicole began.

“We were probably about four,” she said, over a cup of coffee this week. “We wanted to see who our mom loved more so we hopped over a fence and then started running different ways down the street. It was just mom at home at the time and we wanted to see who she would chase after first. That was our plan. We thought we were pretty smart.”


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