viaSport Learning Centre

Feb 28, 2020

One of viaSport’s primary roles in facilitating growth and sustainability of the amateur sport sector in B.C., is to provide opportunities for education and training, and access to research and resources developed for our partners. While our work has been well received, we are look forward to evolving our practices to initiate new models of support. With this in mind, we have launched the beginning stages of the viaSport Learning Centre – a host of educational resources and learning opportunities for the sector, accessed through

To provide the best learning environment for our partners, both online and in person resources and opportunities will be hosted under the Learning Centre. Our digital platform known as the viaSport Hub will include a repository of online resources and research covering a variety of topics. The Learning Centre will also provide in person opportunities to access:

  • viaSport Roundtables to share ideas and best practices around specific topics
  • viaSport Labs offering education and training on a specific topics viaSport Forums, our large scale, in-person collaborative events that bring together the sector
  • viaSport office Community Hub work stations for sharing, learning and advancing our sport community goals. Rowing BC is the first organization to take advantage of this opportunity to collaborate.

We are currently working on implementing this digital portal and its services. Stay tuned for progress updates. In the meantime, register to attend our upcoming forum to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 10.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send them to