Why play a team sport? Field hockey leads by example

Jul 29, 2015

Thinking about trying a new sport? Not sure where to start? If you’re leaning towards team sport, you’ve probably thought about some of the unique benefits it offers. For example, in team sports one:

  • builds a social network of like-minded individuals,
  • improves their interpersonal skills, and
  • gets to experience the camaraderie that comes with working toward a common goal.
Leading by example, field hockey is one of the great sports that demonstrates a progressive team sport culture. Field hockey is also unique because, though it is played by male and female participants of all ages and abilities, it remains a sport dominated by female participation across all areas of BC (1:7 ratio male to female). For this reason, it is one of the few team sports tailored to the unique needs of female participants.
Want to learn more? Watch this video to hear from athletes, coaches and officials on the benefits of field hockey as a team sport.
Interested in playing, coaching or officiating? Visit our Field Hockey page to find out how to get involved in your community!