Yukon Girls Excited for Exhibition Series in Vancouver

Jan 05, 2017

Vancouver Girls Hockey is hosting the Yukon Female Atom C1 team for an exhibition series of games, with the goal of boosting female hockey in the Yukon.  The games take place January 6 – 8, 2017.

The team does not have many opportunities to play other female teams, so this weekend exhibition series will give them the opportunity to experience what female hockey is all about.

“Our team is really excited to host our fellow hockey enthusiasts from the north, especially hearing that the Yukon team has yet to play against a team of other girls,” said Vancouver Girls Atom C1 coach, Merlin Dervisevic. “We hope that once word gets out about how much fun all the players had, many more girls will be enticed to play the world’s greatest sport, both in BC and the Yukon.”

The girls are so excited to head to the big city and, for the first time ever, play against girls teams,” commented Yukon Atom C1 coach, Pat Tobler. “Since bringing the girls together (for practices and exhibition games versus boys teams), we have seen their confidence grow and we anticipate playing other girls teams will add to their confidence and their overall love for the game. This series will build significant momentum for our emerging girls program in the Yukon.”

Yukon will play each Vancouver team twice, and Burnaby to round out the weekend. There will be a social event for all players on the Saturday night.

“We are very excited to be playing a team from out-of-province and meeting everyone,” added Vancouver Girls Atom C2 coach, Jim Torrance. “It is really important for girls hockey that all the Associations support each other, especially where groups are trying to build. We really hope the Yukon girls have a great experience and that playing some all-female competition will motivate the team to continue to develop and grow. We are also looking forward to seeing what color stick tape they use and what color their laces are.”

On Friday, January 7, 2017, Yukon will play the Vancouver Girls Atom C1 team at Hillcrest Arena at 5:15pm. The following day, the team will play the Vancouver Girls Atom C2 team at Killarney Arena at 10:00am, followed by their second game against the C1 squad at 3:30pm at Trout Lake Arena. The series will conclude on Sunday, January 8, 2017 when Yukon plays the C2 at 11:15am at the Richmond Oval and the Burnaby Atom C1 team at 3:00pm at Kensington Arena.

“The Burnaby Wildcats are very excited to welcome the female team from the Yukon for some exhibition hockey games in January 2017,” said Lee Poizer, Burnaby Atom C1 coach. “Some of my fondest memories of my own minor hockey days involve road trips and games against teams from other regions. You may be opponents on the ice, but you’re linked by a common bond and a passion for the game.”