Mediation and Arbitration

Sep 26, 2023

Is Mediation Right for Me?

If you’re considering mediation to help resolve an issue, this document can help you figure out if it’s the best approach for you. It explains the steps involved so that you can make the decision with a full understanding of the process.

Is Mediation Right for Me PDF?


Introduction to Mediation

Once you have decided that mediation is the way to go, watch the webinar by Nadia Kyba from Now What Facilitation to learn the basic processes and skills used in mediation. Enhance your skills in conflict resolution, active listening, and communication within a sport environment. The following topics are included:

  • What is mediation?
  • Mediation and other dispute mechanisms
  • Positions and interests
  • Framing the issue or the problem
  • Meeting guidlines
  • The meeting
  • Small group activity
  • Wrap up and questions

Mediation Webinar PDF Slidedeck


Mediation vs Arbitration

Are you unsure what exactly mediation and arbitration are, and what the difference is between them? This resource explains both, introduces the concept of shifting positions to interests, describes meeting guidelines for mediation sessions, and talks about the five steps of mediation.

Mediation vs Arbitration PDF