Call for Chefs de Mission for 2017 Canada Summer Games

Nov 09, 2015

2017 Canada Games logoThe BC Games Society is seeking enthusiastic and experienced people to serve as Chefs de Mission for Team BC for the 2017 Canada Summer Games, being held in Winnipeg, Manitoba from July 28 – August 13, 2017.

About Team BC

Team BC is the group of athletes, coaches, managers, and mission staff who represent the Province of British Columbia at Canada’s premier multisport Games.

Team BC athletes and coaches are the best in their age group and the Games are a key development opportunity towards future national and international competitions.   Team BC athletes are the next generation of junior national and national team athletes and they are provided with enhanced training and competitive opportunities, science and medicine services and support with the goal of personal bests and podium performance at the Games.

The Team BC program is a collaborative effort of partners to prepare, select, and service the athletes and coaches to ensure optimal performance at the Games.  The Province of BC provides funding for the program which is managed by the BC Games Society with integration with Canadian Sport Institute-Pacific and Sport Med BC.  Team BC mission staff are volunteer leaders in the BC sport and recreation system and provide administrative support to the sport so that the athletes and coaches can concentrate on competing at their best.

About the Canada Summer Games

Held every two years, alternating between winter and summer, the Canada Games are a key event in the development of Canada’s young athletes.  As the best in their respective age groups in the Training to Compete phase of the Canadian Sport for Life model, the athletes represent their respective province or territory and compete for medals and the Canada Games Flag.  

The 2017 Canada Summer Games will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba from July 28 -August 13, 2017. The Canada Games will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The convergence of the 50th anniversary of the Canada Games with the 150th anniversary of Confederation have resulted in the Canada Games having already been marked by Canadian Heritage as a key nation-building milestone. 

The Games will bring together approximately 4,500 athletes, coaches, managers, and officials in 21 sport disciplines.  Team BC will bring a dedicated team of 450 athletes, coaches, managers, and mission staff.  

About the Chef and Assistant Chef de Mission

The Chef de Mission is the Team Leader for the Provincial/Territorial contingent, and in consultation with the Canada Games Council and the Host Society, coordinates the overall direction of the contingent’s participation in the Canada Games. The Chef ensures that all aspects are completed as required, in a manner which upholds the spirit and philosophy of the Canada Games movement. 

The Assistant Chef de Mission is the second-in-command for Team BC, and in the absence of the Chef de Mission, acts as his/her designate. In addition to sharing duties with the Chef de Mission, the Assistant Chef usually holds primary responsibility for specific components of the preparation of the administrative preparation of the Games, based on his/her skill set. 

How to Apply DOWNLOAD the complete application package here.

Applicants must be residents of British Columbia. The successful applicants will be required to travel to Vancouver and/or Victoria for planning meetings, for the Host Society Meetings (M1 and M2) in Winnipeg in May of 2016 and 2017, as well as for the entire duration of the Games.

If you are interested in being considered for these opportunities, please forward a letter clearly indicating which position you are interested in and a resume outlining related skills and experience by December 4, 2015 to:

BC Games Society
Phone: (250) 387-1375
Fax: (250) 387-4489

If you have any questions related to this application or the Chefs de Mission positions,
please contact Jarret Poitras, Team BC Operations Manager, at