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About viaSport

Reaching all corners of the province, viaSport works in collaboration with the sport community to advance high-quality sport experiences that make sport better.

With a network of designated sport organizations, partners, and collaborators, the voices of coaches, parents, volunteers, and community members, the strategic guidance of the Board of Directors, and the support of the Province of BC, we strive to build public trust and confidence in the promise of sport.

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Our Vision

British Columbians are truly healthy and connected because they value and participate in sport experiences that are safe, inclusive and welcoming.

Our Purpose

To lead the development and growth of amateur sport in BC —bringing more families to the field of play, more fans into the stands, more athletes to the podium, more sporting events to the province, and more supporters of the system.

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Our Mission

We provide strategic leadership to the amateur sport system.

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We connect sport organizations to funding, resources, and other capacity-building initiatives.

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We develop policy and shared measurement practices.

We collect data and provide information to advance shared goals.

We convene and collaborate with partners to build public trust and confidence in the promise of sport.

We advance economic growth and social development through equitable access to sport.

Our Values

At viaSport, three values underpin our strategic plan and guide our daily actions. These are the beliefs and principles we commit to in carrying out our mission:

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We take the time to build meaningful and lasting connections with our team and all players across amateur sport, understanding that by working together, we will accomplish more.

We succeed as a team, organization, sport sector, and province when everyone is welcome, feels a sense of belonging, and is given the opportunity to meaningfully contribute and develop.

We approach our strategic leadership and coordinating role with sincerity and passion, carrying out our daily actions consistently and responsibly for the love of sport.

Meet the Team

At viaSport, our people bring our vision, purpose and mission to life.

Our Board of Directors and Team bring unique skills, lived experiences, professional designations, and valued perspectives that are essential to our success and growth.

Meet the Team

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Strategic Plan and Community Impact Report

The benefits of sport are undeniable—it supports happier and healthier people and better connected communities. It can act as an agent of social change. It also contributes to a diversified economy. In BC, as articulated in BC Pathways to Sport Strategic Framework 2020-2025 (Pathways), participation in sport, whether it is community-based or high-performance competition, can build a stronger province. Further, viaSport aligns with the global sporting movement to contribute actively to global sustainability by ‘building a better world through sport’. The 2022—2027 viaSport strategic plan aligns with Pathways to foster sport participation, athlete development, and sport event hosting.

Our annual Community Impact report measures our success against the goals in our strategic plan and outlines insights and lessons learned. For this 2022-23 fiscal year, with the pandemic in the rear-view mirror, amateur sport faced new social norms, changes in consumer behaviour, operational challenges and emerging opportunities. Taking a collaborative
approach to support amateur sport anchored our approach and enabled our success.

Strategic Plan

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Community Impact Report 2022-2023

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Financial Statements

viaSport Financial Statement 2019

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viaSport Financial Statement 2020

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viaSport Financial Statement 2021

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viaSport Financial Statement 2022

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viaSport Financial Statement 2023

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