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Coaches & Officials

Wherever there are athletes, you’ll find coaches and officials. Sometimes they are parents, teachers or community members. And they all want to make a difference in a sport they love.

Soccer coach guiding youth soccer athletes

How Coaches Make Sport Better in BC

Coaches and officials contribute to the health and well-being of athletes and participants are a key connector in communities. They share our passion for the value, power, and benefits of sport. 

Coaching and officiating are cornerstones of good citizenship, fairness and teamwork, and trained coaches are essential to a quality sport experience.

Most coaches are volunteers who want to contribute to sport and give back to their community. viaSport is part of a large network of partners that deliver coaching programs across Canada. Partner with us to strengthen our coaching programs in BC.


Coach speaking with female athletes

Officials Education

viaSport doesn’t provide training for Officials, but resources available are applicable to coaches and officials alike. Officials receive training from individual sport organizations directly. Please see Understanding Designations for a list of Sport Organizations.

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Referee signalling a call during a match in football