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The amateur sport landscape in British Columbia is vibrant and diverse, with numerous opportunities for athletes of all ages and skill levels to participate in a wide range of sports. Ready to elevate your game? Try a new sport!

A basketball coach giving his team an inspirational speech.

BC’s network of provincial, local, and community organizations and clubs allows athletes to play individual and team sports — indoors or outdoors — all year.

Participating in sport helps athletes become well-rounded, versatile, and mentally and physically resilient, which benefits them on and off the field.

Playing multiple sports offers numerous advantages. Variety helps prevent overuse injuries from playing the same sport year-round, and it develops balance, agility, coordination, and endurance.

Playing different sports can also help prevent burnout, keep athletes engaged, and promote a lifelong love of physical activity.

Find Your Sport!

Water Sports

Any athletic or recreational activity in or on open water. Water sports in oceans, lakes, and rivers can be enjoyed by people of every age and skill level.

BC Sailing

Canoe Kayak BC

Rowing BC

Water Ski and Wakeboard BC

Aquatic Sports

Aquatic sports can be individual or team-based, and generally refer to competitive sports held in indoor or outdoor swimming pools. These sports require strength, endurance, speed, coordination, and breath control.

BC Diving
Swim BC
BC Artistic Swimming
Water Polo West


Ice Sports

Any athletic or recreational activity on ice. They can be played all year, indoors or outdoors. Many ice sports require special equipment and training and can be enjoyed by people of every age and skill level.

BC Speed Skating
Curl BC
Skate Canada
BC Bobsleigh and Skeleton
BC Luge Association
Ringette BC
BC Amateur Hockey Association

Snow Sports

Typically enjoyed in winter climate settings such as mountains, glaciers, and ski resorts. Many snow sports require special equipment and training and are enjoyed by people of every age and skill level.

BC Snowboard
BC Alpine
BC Freestyle Ski
Cross Country BC
BC Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Association
BC Adaptive SnowSports

Field Sports

Athletic or recreational activities that takes place on a field or outdoor playing surface. They are typically played on grass, turf, or other natural or synthetic surfaces, and can be enjoyed in parks, schoolyards, and stadiums.

Baseball BC
BC Lacrosse
BC Provincial Football Association
BC Rugby Union
BC Soccer
Field Hockey BC
Softball BC
Cricket BC
BC Ultimate
BC Athletics
Orienteering BC

Racquet Sports

Played with a racquet or paddle and a ball or shuttlecock. These sports require varied skills and techniques and are played individually or in teams. Other than tennis, racquet sports take place primarily indoors.

Badminton BC
BC Table Tennis
Squash BC
Tennis BC
Pickleball BC
Racquetball BC

Combative Sports

Combative sports involve physical contact between two competitors and include striking, grappling, throwing, or submission holds. These are indoor sports.

Judo BC

Karate BC

MuayThai BC

BC Taekwondo Federation
World Association of Kickboxing BC
Fencing BC
Boxing British Columbia


Target Sports

Individual or team sports that involve hitting a target with a projectile such as a bullet, arrow, ball, or dart. Target sports require focus and precision.

BC Archery
BC Target Sports

Biathlon BC

BC Golf
Bowl BC
Bowls BC

Strength, Coordination, and Flexibility Sports

These sports require balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, and endurance. Practiced indoors, these sports have both individual and team components.

Sport Climbing

BC Sport Cheer

Gymnastics Federation
BC Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics


Known as adaptive sports or disability sports, these sports are specifically designed for individuals with disabilities. These sports provide opportunities for people with physical, sensory, or intellectual impairments to participate in recreational and competitive athletic pursuits, individually or in teams.

BC Blind Sports

Special Olympics BC

BC Deaf Sports Federation

BC Wheelchair Sports
SportAbility BC

Equestrian rider leaping over a vault.

Outdoor Sports

Typically conducted in natural environments, these sports offer participants a chance to engage with nature while enjoying exercise and competitive or recreational activities.

Horse Council BC

Cycling BC

Triathlon BC