Mental Health Week 2024

Apr 24, 2024

Sport has the power to positively change participants’ lives. It is exceptionally beneficial for improving overall health and leading to a better quality of life. However, this can only happen when participants feel they are in a psychologically safe sport environment.

May 6 to 12 is Mental Health Week, an annual event that raises awareness of the importance of mental health. Creating a conversation and promoting mental health is incredibly important, both in a sport context and beyond. It can encourage individuals to seek resources and support, which can contribute to more fulfilling, safe, and positive sport experiences.

At viaSport, safety in sport is essential to us – we don’t just focus on physical safety but also psychological safety. We are committed to leading a culture that prioritizes and promotes a healthy atmosphere where participants become the best they can be while having fun.

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If you, or someone you know is in need of immediate support, click the button below.


The Coaching Association of Canada provides the free tools and information to overcome stigma and guide conversations about mental health. 

Buddy Check for Jesse was developed for Coaches to deliver to their teams and provides resources (cards, posters, coaches’ chat ideas) to help share this important message.

Volleyball BC created a mental health toolkit for Volleyball organizations, but this toolkit can be applied to other programs. This toolkit provides simple, easy-to-execute action that any organization can take to promote positive mental health and well-being.