NCCP Planning a Practice (Home Study)

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Course description:

The goal of the module is to prepare coaches to plan safe and effective practices.

NCCP Planning a Practice learning activities will prepare coaches to:

  • explain the importance of logistics in the development of a practice plan;
  • establish an appropriate structure for a practice; and
  • identify appropriate activities for each part of the practice.

Information on Home Study:

The NCCP home study program is designed for coaches unable to attend an in-class course due to location, work or coaching schedule. 

Once registered, you will receive an e-mail with instructions to download the electronic coach workbook as well as the name and contact information for an accredited NCCP Learning Facilitator that has been assigned as your tutor. You will then complete a series of exercises in the workbook and submit it by email for marking to your assigned Learning Facilitator. Coaches must complete their course workbook within the 3 month deadline.

The length of time to complete a home study course varies by module and your individual learning style. The format relies heavily on self-directed learning and the number of hours may be more than what is required of coaches attending an in-class course. Most coaches find that home study courses take twice the amount of time allocated for an in-person workshop.

Please note: You must complete the coach workbook and any additional documents in the same format you download them in. Many modules require Microsoft Word to complete the work. If you do not have Microsoft Word please email before starting the home study program. 

**Special requests for fast-tracking marking of home study workbooks and Locker processing cannot be accommodated. Home study tutors typically check email weekly, and mark workbooks every two weeks, with monthly processing. 

Program Expectations

  • Answer all the questions in your coach workbook
  • Apply content learnings to your coaching situation whenever possible
  • Provide answers that reflect the scenario, stated problem, or task and build on previous questions and answers
  • Ask questions of your LF to gain new knowledge, clarify tasks, explore alternative applications and seek deeper understanding.

Technology/Program Requirements

Coaches must access materials using a computer, and have access to Microsoft Office (Open Office or Apple Pages will result in formatting issues). Coaches must submit workbooks in their original format. If this is not possible, coaches may PDF the file or print the workbook and complete it by hand, but may not receive the same quality of feedback. Workbooks submitted where the formatting has been significantly altered will not be marked, and will be returned to the coach to resubmit.

Plagiarism and Sharing of Materials

If a tutor believes the submitted workbook is not the work of the submitting coach, or has reason to believe any form of plagiarism has occurred, the workbook will be returned to the coach, unmarked. The coach will not be granted the opportunity to re-submit, and no refund will be given. Unethical practices will not be tolerated.

Coaches should download all materials at the time of registration and ensure they are saved in a secure place, so they will not be lost. Coaches are not permitted to re-distribute, share or copy materials.


If the coach would like to appeal the outcome decision of the home study tutor, the coach must pay the resubmission fee, and viaSport will assign a new tutor to review the materials. If the new tutor determines the original tutor was incorrect, and the coach has successfully completed the module, the resubmission fee will be returned to the coach.


Refunds or substitutions will not be processed for home study courses. We recommend coaches ensure they are registering for the correct course, can commit to the timelines and will not be able to take the course in person.

Tutor Communication and Course Processing

Most home study tutors will check home study email accounts and mark weekly. Courses are typically processed monthly. If you have submitted a workbook, or have contacted your tutor and haven’t heard back in two weeks, please contact If your module doesn’t appear on your NCCP Locker transcript when your tutor has indicated it should, please contact

Note: This home study program is for BC, Yukon, Nunavut residents ONLY. Please register with the P/TCR where you currently reside. Ineligible registrations will be withdrawn from the program and will be refunded minus a $20 administration fee.

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