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Designation Process and Criteria

Provincial Sport Organizations that meet viaSport Designation Program criteria can qualify to obtain a viaSport Desgination: Accredited, Recognized, or Affiliated status.

A race track inside a stadium at sunrise.

Designation Framework

Only Provincial and Disability Sport Organizations are eligible for the viaSport Designation Program. To be considered for a Designation, organizations must be aligned to, and in good standing with, their National Sport Organization. Local sport organizations or clubs are ineligible for a Designation.


The viaSport Desgination Program Policy outlines the standards for obtaining and maintaining a viaSport Desgination. Organizations meeting our criteria are granted a viaSport Desgination for one year, pending approval from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, and Sport.

Designation Benefits

Designation validates a sport organization’s standards and practices while enhancing their reputation and competitiveness. 

Designated organizations can also participate in viaSport education and engagement opportunities and are included in amateur sport-specific communications, among other benefits