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Eron Main

viaSport Board Member


Eron Main is a dominant leader who has worked in sport for both able-bodied athletes and athletes with a disability over the last 25 years. His humble beginnings of changing wheelchair tires in community gyms influenced his passion for Paralympic sport and his current involvement as CEO of the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation. As a member of the International Paralympic Committee Sports Council, Eron took on a reformative leadership role to further the Paralympic movement when the group’s existence was challenged. His successful advocacy for the group resulted in the creation of the independent Association of Paralympic Sport Organizations (APS) to lead the development of a sustainable Paralympic sport system. While well-immersed at the national and international level of sport, Eron’s previous experience as the Executive Director of Rowing BC allows him valuable familiarity with the B.C. sport sector. In addition, Eron continues to volunteer with Team BC’s mission staff, keeping him in touch with the vital train-to-train and train-to-complete levels with emerging high-performance athletes.

Eron Main