#BCSportMakesMe: Sport makes me confident and connected

Feb 23, 2023

The following #BCSportMakesMe story captures the unique sport-related experiences of one of our viaSport staff members. Read on to learn more about Andrea Wooles, the Safe Sport Manager at viaSport BC. 

I started ballet when I was three, and danced until I was 18. I took up rowing in university, although I was too small to row competitively. I ended up rowing for fun in the summer and being a coxswain for the university team during the school year.

Dance was my safe space as a kid. My teacher and friends there were supportive and I enjoyed being able to push myself to learn and try everything I could because I wasn’t worried about failing in front of them. It was also how I processed my emotions. In university, the rowing community was my entire social life and a big part of my identity. Being involved made me feel connected to others.

The first time I was in charge of taking a rowing shell (boat) out on the water with a team was life-changing for me. I had always been shy and quiet, and here I had to project confidence and literally shout. It was terrifying! What if I said the wrong things and everyone dropped this expensive boat? What if we got out on the water and I did something wrong and we hit something? I had to rely on my coach and what he’d taught me, and just kept thinking, “What’s next?”.

That day went fine, and as I got more comfortable taking a leadership role with my crew, I found that my confidence leading outside of sport grew as well. If I hadn’t been a coxswain, I would never have approached the professor who ended up being my Master’s degree Supervisor. I wouldn’t have found my voice. It was tough learning to cox, and a lot of responsibility, but I had great support from our coach and from my crew and I got lots of feedback to help me learn and improve.

If you’re interested in a new sport, take a friend and go try it out! Find someone you can be silly with, and enjoy doing something badly. It’s fun!


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