Last year, we asked sport leaders to identify some of the challenges they faced in their organization. Governance was identified as a risk area for the sector during the pandemic, particularly for organizations with limited resources. 

Board members play a significant role in contributing to the organization’s culture, strategic focus, effectiveness and financial sustainability. Board members that have a greater understanding of their role and responsibilities will be better able to change, adapt and respond to change within the sport system. Governance refers to the structure and processes for accountability, decision making, control and behaviour of the board of directors.

With funding from the Province of B.C., viaSport has completed work with an external consultant to address the identified need within sector organizations for support in governance. The tools and resources will offer organizations access to professionally-developed templates that they can use to enhance their understanding of various facets of governance.

Who’s it for?

This free resource is for all sport organizations to use, download, and share in the interest of strengthening their own capacity and those in their communities.

What’s Included

The modules included in Governance Best Practices are: