The Flag Tool for Sport: Video Explainer

Dec 19, 2023

Making sport safer for athletes and for anyone else involved in sport – coaches, officials, volunteers, support staff, managers, administrators, board members and spectators – makes sport better for everyone. That was the overarching goal behind the development of the PlaySafeBC Flag Tool, a ground-breaking approach to help everyone understand and address the social dynamics in the world of sports.

This video explains how to use the Flag Tool effectively, quickly and easily – and from anywhere. The Flag Tool is an online quiz which helps you assess the appropriateness of behaviours you’ve experienced or witnessed, and guides you on the best course of action to take. It helps you understand how to raise concerns, have open conversations, and access resources related to safety in sport.

Whether you’re a coach wondering how to educate your athletes, or a parent trying to determine if the way your child is being treated is okay, the Flag Tool provides a thoughtful, interactive and structured approach to understanding the nuances of social interactions in the sports environment, making your sport experiences better. These are powerful resources to add to your toolbox to help you contribute to the creation of an environment where respect, sportsmanship, and social awareness thrive.

The Flag Tool for Sport: Video Explainer

The Flag Tool for Sport: Video Explainer (Extended)

Flag Tool for Sport Poster

Prefer a printable guide to the Flag Tool? We created a poster guide for display in locker rooms, training facilities and/or community spaces to encourage open dialogue and understanding,

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