NCCP Basic Mental Skills (Online Delivery)

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Course Duration: July 31, 2024 - 5:00-10:00pm

Event Information:
      • Host: viaSport BC
      • Location: Online through Zoom
      • Dates: July 31st, 2024
      • Time: 5:00 – 10:00pm Pacific Time
      • Cost: $70 + GST

    Course description:

    The goal of the NCCP Basic Mental Skills module is to support coaches in developing mental skills in their day-to-day practice as a coach.

    In Basic Mental Skills, you will learn to:

    • Recognize signs indicating that an athlete may need to improve his/her goal setting, focus, and anxiety control skills and develop tools to help the athlete to make improvements in these areas
    • Integrate mental-preparation strategies into practices
    • Help participants be mentally prepared for competition
    • Run simple guided activities that help athletes improve basic mental skills


    Training for the NCCP Basic Mental Skills module takes approximately 4 hours and it covers 6 topics:

    • Introduction
    • Basic mental skills
    • Developing and maintaining focus
    • Setting goals
    • Planning for mental skill development
    • Conclusion

    Note: There are similarities between this module and the NCCP Psychology of Performance module. While this module provides an overview to mental skill development and application, the NCCP Psychology of Performance module covers the knowledge of mental skill development at a deeper level and provides more opportunities for coaches to practice. Both modules follow a similar structure, yet they cover different depths of applying the development of mental skills.

    Please note: This is a live, facilitator-led, interactive, group-based course offered online through Zoom. To participate in an Online Delivery course, you must have a working microphone, speakers and a camera as well as reliable access to the internet (Dial-up or High Speed).

    Please make sure that you have the most updated version of Zoom as some features might not be available through the older versions.

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